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Alarabiya Live | Al arabiya | Al arabiya Live

AlArabiya Live is one of the leading stations in the middle east, launched from the uae al arabiya live is watched by millions of viewers globally. Al arabiya also pronounced as al arabiyyah or al arabiyah means the arabic one or the arab one. It is saudi owned and launched in march 2003. It is based in the dubai media city of the UAE and is majority owned by mbc. Al Arabiya carries news, current affairs, business and financial markets along with sports, talk shows and documentaries. It is rated amoungst the top stations in the middle east and was also once banned in iraq, in 2009 barack obama gave his first interview on the station.

tv al arabiya has become one of the largest news stations in the middle east with a growing viewership, making al arabiya news one of the more trusted sources in the middle east.